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Serving Danville and the surrounding communities for 30 years.

First things first

A few reasons why we're different:

We Work With a Limited Number of Families

We purposely work with a limited number of families, most of which are local here to Danville and the surrounding communities. That allows us to take the time to fully understand your tax situation and help you make better tax planning decisions.

We provide year-round tax planning

We don't wait until April 15th to do tax planning. We work with clients to create mock tax projections throughout the year so they know not only what to expect come April 15th, but also what can be done before the end of the year to lower their tax bill - does your existing CPA do that?

Partnered with Summit Wealth & Retirement

Partnering with our sister company, SWRP, means if we recommend a tax reduction strategy such as setting up certain financial instruments and you need help implementing that recommendation, all the help you need is right next door.

Meet Debbie Pham

Passionate about taxes for families and businesses

Summit Tax is led by Debbie Pham, an Enrolled Agent with over 15 years of tax planning experience.

Debbie obtained her B.S. degree from the U.C. of Riverside, after which she worked for Ernst & Young, eventually rising up to one of their Tax Managers.

Debbie is passionate about income taxes. She enjoys reading about changes in the tax code and helping her clients make the best tax decisions based on their personal situation. And while most tax preparers focus exclusively on tax compliance (i.e. making sure your tax returns are filed on-time), Debbie actually helps her clients with tax strategy. While at Ernst & Young, Debbie worked with high net-worth individuals where she worked with many of the firm’s most successful families and businesses – dealing with many of the most complicated issues in the tax industry.

How Can We Help You?
Deep Expertise

Intimate Small Business & Real Estate Experience

Debbie has a special affinity for business owners, having been one herself for when she owned & operated an auto repair shop in Alameda, while also working full-time in her profession.

Finally, Debbie has a passion for real estate and a deep understanding of real estate tax law, and she stays informed by being an active member of her local realtor association, where she has served as volunteer Treasurer for the past four years.

How Can We Help You?

Need more encompassing financial solutions?

Meet Summit Wealth & Retirement Partners.

Our sister company, Summit Wealth & Retirement Partners, is a boutique financial planning firm that can help with all facets of your financial ecosystem – Retirement planning, investment management, multi-generational wealth & estate planning, charitable giving and more.

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