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Summit Tax Planning is a tax planning, return preparation, and business bookkeeping firm located in Danville, California.

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Individual & Family Tax Planning & Return Preparation

Small & Medium-sized Business Bookkeeping & Accounting Support

Business Entity-Type Analysis, Sales & Use Taxes and a number of additional services you'd expect from small business tax & finance experts

Business & Personal Audit Representation

Summit Tax Planning:

The San Francisco East Bay's one-stop resource for everything tax related

Year-round Tax & Financial Support

Providing East Bay Tax Advice for over 30 years

Our lead enrolled agent, Debbie Pham, comes from Ernst & Young where she was specifically in charge of working with high net-worth families and the tax complications that came with that wealth. While with Ernst & Young, Debbie simultaneously owned and operated an auto repair shop in Alameda - Perhaps the perfect combination of deep experience + boots-on-the-ground financial insight.

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Strategy vs. Compliance

We're here to deliver much more than tax compliance

While a CPA's job is to make sure you are in compliance with the IRS tax code, they have no obligation to help you actually reduce your tax bill!

This is what makes us so unique. We actually help clients analyze what strategies could be employed to reduce, defer, or eliminate taxes.

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Here when you need us

Planning & implementing tax strategy isn't something that happens in April.

We do not wait until April 15th to do tax planning. Many of our clients ask us to create mock tax projections for them in November so they know not only what to expect come April 15th, but also what can be done before the end of the year to lower their tax bill - does your existing CPA do that?

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Need more encompassing solutions?

We partner with Danville's leading wealth management firm.

Summit Tax Planning is the sister company to Summit Wealth & Retirement Partners - One of The Bay Area's leading providers of end-to-end wealth management and retirement planning solutions.

Our services often go hand-in-hand, meaning if we make tax-minimizing recommendations, we can also provide the deep expertise to implement.

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